Metal Health Open Dialogue

What Happens Inside an Open Dialogue Session?

What happens inside an Open Dialogue Session? Mental health is complex. Difficult thoughts and feelings can slowly take up space in our minds and bodies, adding more and more weight over time. Sometimes, it stays with us, like a small ache over longer periods of time. Other times, a moment comes when it has taken up too much space to bear. The onset to such moments can be hard to recognise.

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The Solution to the Problem with Mental Health

The Problem with Mental Health…and a Solution! The Problem Mental health is a loaded term that conjures up thoughts and feelings for all of us. But really it refers to something that we all have, just like we all have physical health. When we are in good mental health, most of us don’t even think about our mental health. But when we are in poor mental health, it becomes difficult to do much else.

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Open Dialogue Documentary

Open Dialogue Documentary This is the original documentary Daniel Mackler shot which brought Open Dialogue to the world’s attention

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